Mobile ECG Machine the size of a business card, Clinical-quality results after 1 minute


Prevention and health promotion: 3 out of 4 deaths can be prevented!

What is WIWE?

WIWE basically consists of to parts: –

  1. A medical device, with which the measurements can be carried out.
  2. An application, which enables viewing the evaluation and the results.

The WIWE device connects to the smartphone/tablet via Bluetooth 4.0.

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  1. Self-observation, pre-qualification: WIWE gives you a full picture of the condition of your heart without visiting your physician.
  2. 40g, suitable for men’s wallet, women’s bag.
  3. Examination can be carried out anywhere, anytime. It helps identifying dieseases e.g. aritmia, which can be very difficult to diagnose.
  4. More profil can be created in the health journal, we can follow the tendencies for each.
  5. Users get faster and more accurate, automatic feed-back.
  6. Risk assessment of stroke and sudden cardiac arrest.
  7. Monitoring functions: EC, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, pedometer
  8. Pedometer, calorie counter helps in establishing healthy lifestyle.
  9. Real-time data sharing.
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