BRASTER®PRO is a medical device supporting early diagnosis of breast cancer in a doctor's office.

Braster Pro

BRASTER® PRO is a telemedicine solution supported by patented technology.



BRASTER® PRO is a medical device supporting early diagnosis of breast cancer in a doctor's office. The examination is performed by trained medical personnel, and its functioning is facilitated by a simple and convenient mobile application.

Braster Pro aids in the early detection thus decreasing the mortality rate. Our solution is a cost effective, radiation free, automated screening tool that works on women above 18 years of age.

This unique solution can be used as a cancer diagnosis test in hospitals, for regular preventive health check-ups by the gynaecologists, and also for large scale screening in rural and semi urban areas.

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Why choose Braster Pro?

Safe, Effective & Pain Free

Our imaging method is completely radiation free, painless and efficient regardless of breast density and size.

Low Cost Device

Very low initial investment and low per test use cost makes it an attractive device for mass screening.

Detects Non-palpable Lesions

Even the smallest lesions (upto 3mm) can be detected with the help of the thermographic images.

Ability to Use in Technologically Backward Areas

Screening can be conducted in rural areas where there are no mammography and Ultra sound tests, since the device is portable making it easier to carry.


Liquid Crystal Technology

Liquid crystals are chemical compounds that exhibit the properties of liquids and those of crystalline solids. Braster has an innovative, proprietary technology for producing mixtures of liquid crystals and a continuous Liquid Crystal Film technology for applying liquid crystal emulsion on the film.

Contact Thermography

The image is obtained through the contact of the device with examined surface based on heat transfer by thermal conduction.

Thermographic Matrices

Braster pro is delivered with a set of 3 thermographic matrices which use liquid crystals to present breast surface heat distribution in the form of a colourful map. Each matrix is calibrated to a different temperature range to compensate for difference in body temperatures across patients.

Image Acquisition Device

Heat map presented on the surface of liquid crystal matrix during examination is illuminated with LED’s and captured with visible light spectrum camera.

Mobile Application

The app used in Braster Pro guides through the entire examination and informs about the result.

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