Steam Bio-Cleaning and Disinfecting Equipment


Sanivap - Steam Cleaning & Disinfecting Equipment

The SP400 biocleaning steam system ensures the complete cleaning and disinfecting of all kind of surfaces : floors, vertical surfaces, furniture, equipment, medical devices. The constant steam quality of the SP400 ensures its effectiveness in terms of cleanliness and disinfection.

The SP400 is especially designed for intensive use up to 8 hours per day. The SP400 steam system is ergonomic, easy to operate and very suitable for daily usage in accordance with SANIVAP protocols. The wide range of adaptable accessories contributes to its effectiveness and versatility.

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Pressure Sensors

Regulates boiler pressure and thus keeps steam temprature constant at 95 degree c.

Robust Quality

Structure and components in stainless steel 316 L, ABS+ Aluminium. Can be used 8 hours continuously.

Trolley and Accessories

Wide range of accessories are available which are adapted to be used on different surfaces.

Proven Concept

Eliminates bacteria, virus, spores & fungi.

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