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FlexiOH™ provides these robust solutions for major issues related to conventional casts :

Ensuring proper ventilation to the skin that prevent skin infections. Facilitating washing of the fractured part with water without any damage to the cast/skin. Ensuring that day to day activities done with ease because of light weight of the cast. Zip system makes easy to apply and remove without use of any other external cast cutter/spreader. Every single year approximately 210* Million persons suffer from minor or major bone injuries. Majority of bone injuries are treated by Cast/splint immobilization utilizing either Plaster of Paris or Fiberglass cast. These casts have lack of ability to allow skin to take in air leads to moisture build up and eventually causes skin irritation. Patients also have to consider special preventative measure to avoid water contact with cast because of moisture content sensitivity of some of the cast materials. Because of that Cast immobilization limits activities such as swimming, washing affected part etc. Bacterial and fungal infections or pruritic dermatitis can develop beneath a splint or cast due to the fact of poor skin hygiene. And these additional complications are often diagnosed later because of invisibility of the skin. In addition, currently available casts are weighty and large, which results in discomfort in accomplishing daily workouts.

FlexiOH™ is developed for such affected individuals having fracture/sprain who are looking for comfortable casts. FlexiOH™ is a cast that is breathable cast, washable cast and lightweight unlike conventional casts i.e. Plaster of Paris or Glass Fiber cast. FlexiOH™ gives greatest comfort while being rigid enough to immobilize bone tissue or joint like conventional casts. The pattern of cast allows skin to breathe, which results in dry and healthy skin throughout the treatment. FlexiOH™ is made up of materials which is water resistant, hence it is washable cast and gives a patient ultimate freedom to perform routine activity. Application process of FlexiOH™ is very quick and hardly takes 10 minutes. After course of therapy, FlexiOH™ can be removed without use of any other exterior cast cutter/spreader. Radiolucent material of FlexiOH™ does not interfere with radiological imaging.

breatheable cast
usability of conventional casts

We found that Breathability, Washability and weight of cast were consistent issue in all candidates. Considering this facts FlexiOH™ has been designed to cope up these problems.

breathable washable
breathable washable
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