Nocotech Disinfection Concept

A new generation of airborne surface disinfection. Nocospray is 100% automated and very fast acting disinfection machine. It eliminates bacteria, fungus, virus and spores. It disinfects the operation theater without leaving any toxic resudie and without corrosion in minimum possible time. Nocospray weighs only 6 kg and treats volume from 10 m3 to 1000 m3. UNO Hospital Solutions is the exclusive Pan-India supplier of Nocospray / Nocolyse concept.

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Heating and Ionising Turbine

The turbine heats the air at 40 Degree Celsius and ionises the air, then takes a few droplets of Nocolyse (the disinfectant) and throws at a very high speed of 80 m/s. These ionised particles travels to every corner of the room and they stick to all the surfaces thereby disinfecting them.

Needs Only 30 Minutes of Contact Time.

Therefore, it saves a lot of time as usually with foggers 3-4 hours is required. It can be used between the surgeries as well, especially after septic cases.

Doesn't Leave any Residue

Usually the fogger machines leave a white/yellow residue which is harmful for humans, equipment & environment. With Nocospray, there is no residue therefore, no corrosion. Since there is no residue, the pathogens cannot feed upon it to form resistance.

Safe for People Using the Machine.

The fumes made by other fogging machines are carcinogenic for the people inhaling it. With Nocospray, there is no discomfort in the eyes or throat when you enter the treated area as the PPM of Hydrogen Peroxide reduces to very safe levels just after the 30 minutes of contact time.

Eliminates Bacteria

Eliminates Bacteria, Virus, Fungi and Spores.

Sprays "Dry Fog"

There will be no moisture in the treated area after the spray.


Fast Action

3 minutes treatment for a 50m3 volume and the area can be reused only 30 miinutes later.

Lightweight & Compact

The Nocospray is a device for processing rooms with volumes of up to 1000m3 and weighs only 6 kg.


Patented 1100 watt electric heating and ionising turbine which increasing the efficiency of product.

For Disinfection: Full Activity Spectrum

Bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, and spiricidal, as per the current standards.

Ionising Effect

Mist projection of venturi effect upto 15 metres from the appliance at the speed of 80 m/s thereby reaching every corner of the room.

Economical, Biodegradable & Non Corrosive

Automated system where 1ml of product is sufficent for treating 1 m3, Non-allergenic products without risk to the environment or humans.