BRASTER®PRO is a medical device supporting early diagnosis of breast cancer in a doctor's office.

Braster Pro

BRASTER®PRO is a telemedicine solution supported by patented technology.


BRASTER®PRO is a medical device supporting early diagnosis of breast cancer in a doctor's office. The examination is performed by trained medical personnel, and its functioning is facilitated by a simple and convenient mobile application.

BRASTER®PRO uses the technology of liquid crystal contact thermography, the effectiveness of which was confirmed in observational studies. On the basis of thermographic images, the automated interpretation algorithms (AI) indicate potentially dangerous changes and abnormalities in the breasts.

BRASTER®PRO is complementary to standard diagnostic and screening methods such as ultrasound or mammography.

It should be noted that combining various types of examination increases the chance of detecting alarming changes at an early stage of the disease, which may allow for less invasive treatment and enhance the probability of a complete recovery.

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Principle of operation of Braster Pro

Compared to normal cells, cancerous cells have an increased metabolism and create a dense capillary network. Those two processes result in the creation of higher temperature focal points, visible on contact thermography.

Thanks to a special liquid-crystal matrix, the BRASTER®PRO is able to register breast areas with a higher temperature, which may be a sign of alarming malignant changes. Artificial intelligence algorithms analyze thermal images of breasts searching for thermal and structural asymmetries. If such asymmetries are detected, the patient should be referred for further diagnostic examinations.

The contact thermography method used in BRASTER®PRO was recognized by the Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians as a complementary examination to mammography or breast ultrasound.

The advantages of the BRASTER®PRO

  1. Possibility to perform a reliable breast examination in every doctor's office
  2. Efficacy of the method has been proven in observational studies (81.5% sensitivity and 87% specificity)*
  3. The examination is painless and safe, since it does not use radiation
  4. The intuitive app guides you step by step through the examination and standardizes the examination process
  5. The examination takes about 15 minutes
  6. The patented thermographic matrix registers even the smallest changes in the breast, starting at 3 mm in size
  7. Efficacy of the method is irrespective of patient’s age and breast tissue type
  8. Complementing standard diagnostic examinations with the BRASTER®PRO exam increases the chance of early detection of suspicious changes

BRASTER®PRO examination takes about 15 minutes and it is reliable, pain-free, for women at every age.